Participating artists: EvaMarie Lindahl(se), Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen(dk), Nicola Samori(it), Lars Tygesen(dk), Christian Achenbach(de)

Group show from 15/01/2011 to 26/02/2011


LARMgalleri proudly presents the exhibition Baroque. The show is an investigation of the term Baroque, which in contemporary art, is closely connected to the term Neo-Baroque, which concerns itself with the reappearing of baroque tendencies. The exhibition thereby tends to be an examination of a period as well as it is a postulate of baroque tendencies in contemporary art.
The exhibition focuses on the neo-baroque sensibility that has flourished since the beginning of the new century. After decades that have often been labelled Post-modernism and were dominated primarily by minimalistic and conceptual aesthetics, the neo-baroque sensibility has infiltrated different artistic practices ever since. It expresses itself in various media, such as sculpture, video, photography, performance and installation. Perhaps it is more a kind of sensibility than it is a coherent new style of art, wherein the Neo-Baroque embraces narration, illustration, metaphor, and symbolism. Its decorated imagery is aggressively overwhelming and beautiful.
In the exhibition five different artists participates, all of whom are working in a neo-baroque style. Several of them furthermore work with explicit historical and art historical references amongst other, the Baroque. The exhibition can be seen as in opposition to, or maybe just complementary to the more conceptual tendencies existing in contemporary art.