January 26 – March 2013

Galleria Mazzoli Arte Contemporanea
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On Saturday, January 26th at 6.30 pm, Nicola Samorì will open his first solo exhibitionat Galleria Mazzoli in Modena. The title of the exhibition Die Verwindung (Overcoming)is taken from Heidegger and suggests a disloyal attitude to tradition, namely, a betrayal– which is also an uneasy transition – that recaptures and at the same time rethinksthe integuments of the painting. Such distortion/dislocation has permitted the artist toinvestigate and reinterpret the history of art, putting his crimes-pleasures of damaging thepainting into practice (a discipline that is accepted as an uncomfortable yet, at the sametime, necessary legacy).

In their doing and undoing, the paintings indulge an intrinsic shattering “of the identityand of the identical” which aims to comprehend the grammatical limits and the syntacticpossibilities of extremely diffuse images. Purloining the memories that languish in galleriesall over the world, Samorì thus decided to desecrate the masterpieces of art in the hopeof «understanding the violated vitality of our culture, an unconscious and material capital».Encouraging the instinctive and destructive force of formal organization, the pictures inthis exhibition shatter the harmony of the images in order to unveil and uproot the paintingitself.

Transforming his subjects into a material in the process of disintegration (which carriesthe unbearable onus of the agony on top of itself), the artist ultimately punishes thatwhich he has created, thus arriving at the inevitable and unrenounceable assassinationof the painting. In the works expressly created for the spaces of the gallery, NicolaSamorì actually wanted to upset, disfigure, and deform the painting, demonstrating itshaemophiliac aspect, of bloody metamorphosis.

Nicola Samorì – Die Verwindung
with texts by Franco Rella and Alberto Zanchetta
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