July 17 – August 16 2015
Theatrum Anatomicum,
Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR

“Auditor, te disce, et dum per singula vadis, crede vel in minima parte latere Deum”. “Listener, learn yourself, and while you proceed through the individual [organs], believe that God lies hidden in even the smallest part”

Caspar Barleus, On the new anatomy theatre at Amsterdam in “Poemata”, Editio IV, Amsterdam, 1645-6, pars ii, p. 537.

Gare du Nord, a project initiated by Chiara Ianeselli and developed with Lucas Evers of Waag Society, opens
on July 16th 2015 at 6 pm in the historic, anatomical theatre of de Waag building in Amsterdam.

The exhibition includes site-specific commissions of Sonja Bäumel (AT), Laurent-David Garnier (FR) and Nicola Samorì (IT). Along with the curator, the artists have researched the history of the building visible in its inheritance: the octagonal shape hosted anatomical dissections since the XVII century. Lessons were held in the theatre to investigate shapes and structures that human and animal biology would reveal when properly questioned. Maps and anatomical plates have been used to guide surgeons through the dissections, while a large and composite audience admired human knowledge itself moving forward. The place for viewing, as originally theatre means, welcomes this exhibition about the identity of the body, its boundaries, membrane and skins. Gare du Nord also relates to the contemporary practices housed in the Waag building: the visual arts and early medical sciences not only met in the past through the act of seeing, but they also cross today through interactions and collaborations that produce new insights on and give new meanings to bodies and technology.

Gare du Nord investigates the nature of men inside the Theatrum Anatomicum, the stage of mankind pour l’excellence, a watchtower in the Nord temporary inhabited by three overseers.The sentence written along the walls of the theatre (a quote by the humanist Caspar Barlaeus) has been read and interpreted by the artists that have researched from various spectacles the smallest part. Those spectacles, tools for research, artworks, earlier named anatomical plates, become in Gare du Nord concave and convex lenses similar to mirrors. In their interaction they show an expanding body rather than a singular, isolated organ.

A project curated by Chiara Ianeselli in collaboration with Lucas Evers, Waag Society

Participating artists: Sonja Bäumel, Laurent-David Garnier, Nicola Samorì
Opening: 16 July 2015, 6 pm
Opening hours: From Thursday to Sunday: 12 am – 6 pm