November 14, 2015 – February 1, 2016
Anatomical Theatre of the Archiginnasio, Bologna, Piazza Galvani 1

The project Les Gares finds its second venue at the Anatomical Theatre of the Archiginnasio in Bologna with the exhibition of Nicola Samorì titled Gare du Sud (November 14, 2015 – February 1, 2016). Gare du Sud is in direct dialogue with the first show held in Amsterdam, Gare du Nord (July 16 – August 15, 2015), which launched this international research. In the Dutch capital in the exhibition at de Waag, the magnificent octagonal theatre where Rembrandt painted the famous Anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, three artists (Sonja Bäumel, Laurent-David Garnier and Nicola Samorì) were confronted with the history of the theatre, its space and its possible readings. Fundamental on this occasion was the contribution of some works from the Vrolik Museum, the Museum of Anatomy of Amsterdam. Les Gares proposes to develop an ongoing historical and artistic study of anatomy theatres in which it temporarily settles, with particular attention given to the different social contexts in which the anatomical dissections were performed. These researches, conducted through a study on site, the involvement of specialists and the analyses of documents lead to the realization of a conference and an exhibition, always site-specific.
If in Amsterdam the anatomization had yet to start since the figure of Nicola Samorì placed at the centre of the theatre was still standing, criminal and surgeon at the same time, the visitor is welcomed in Bologna when the operation is at an advanced stage. In the “room for the function of Anatomy”, “venue for the control of the truth and for the contemplation of each open secret” the artist has performed the first cuts, raising the decaying organs from the figure resting on the dissecting table. The sculpture is in dialogue with an altarpiece placed on the chair, where the lector was used to holdhis dispute, presenting the unfolding of the dissection process. Samorì desired to occupy both sides, in an act that considers the history of the theatre in its various actors and in its various phases. This sculptural performance also includes viewers who admire the curious secret crack on a wall of the theatre mentioned in the Acts of the “Congregazione della Gabella Grossa”, from which it was perhaps possible to look without being seen.
Always interested in the domain of time, the artist has considered the process of anatomy. And if we asked about the nature of the entity placed on the table, covered with a grain of sand?

“Depriving the dead of the burial is an absolute outrage. Antigone refuses the order of Creon not to bury Polynices. To obey the sacred duty imposed by the gods, but also dictated by unwritten laws, Antigone scatters dust over the corpse of her brother. For this act of piety, she will be sentenced to death and buried alive in the tomb of Labdacidi from which she was descended.”
Jean Clair, De Immundo

The project Gare du Sud, realized in collaboration with Istituzione Biblioteche of the Comune of Bologna – Biblioteca dell’Archiginnasio, is part of the programme of ART CITY Bologna 2016 on the occasion of ARTE FIERA.
A project by Chiara Ianeselli

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-19
Sunday and public holidays 10-14 25, 26, 27 December, 1st and 6th January 14-19

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